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Food Galore

Food Galore

Malaysian cuisine is rich in variety and diversity. They come from the core and cross multi cultural mix lead by the Malay, Chinese and Indian influence amoung others in Malaysia. It is interesting to note the patronage amoung different races at the various Indian, Malay and Chinese food outlets. For instance most wedding dinners of the diasporic indians is usually held in chinese resturants. On the other hand the "banana leaf meal" can be seen to be popular amongst the Chinese and Malays communities. Now tourist and bussiness men from the West do indulge in Asian , Spicy indian and Malay meals. If you are an adventurer for the different types of Western and Eastern food then Malaysia offers promise and delight we dare say to adventurous palates.

Also check out meal deals from the other communities such as Peranakan, Eurasian, Indigenous Orang Asli, various tribal peoples of Sarawak & Sabah in East Malaysia. Besides there are also British cuisine available in most urban areas and city and of late Middle Eastern cuisine has been making its presence felt in many parts of Malaysia especially the in Klang valley.

Bon appetit !

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